Siemens Automation

Siemens Automation Partner, NC

Industrial automation is using various technologies for better efficiency on a production line. The need for finished goods is at an all-time high. Manufacturers are always looking for better and more streamlined methods of automation.

If you are searching for industrial automation solutions from a reputed vendor with solid service history, look no further than IAS NC. We have the knowledge and the experience to make sure that you get the best automation solution possible.

Why Are We The Best At Offering Industrial Automation?

As one of the leading names in the industrial automation sector, we serve a wide range of customers. With more than 30 years of experience, IAS NC is the automation solutions provider you need. We are a Siemens Automation partner in NC.

Our team has a combined experience of more than 100 years, and we bring it all to the table. The fact that we are one of the bigger names in the industrial automation niche has not been detrimental to development. As a team, we are always evolving and looking for better ways to help our customers.

We can be your trusted automation partner for Siemens dedicated to your business and in it for the long run.

A few reasons why we know we have the competition beat:

High Quality

Most other brands focus on better productivity and costs – this is good. But, we are also striving to provide exceptional quality for our clients all the time. We also work extensively with our team to improve the flexibility of our automation process.


Something that has kept us in business all these years is our clients’ faith in us to deliver the best solution. You can trust our machines to be as reliable as us. Your production line failing or other serious problems will become a thing of the past.

Project Management

We at IAC NC aim to be your single-source provider for all things industrial automation. We can deliver Siemens automation solutions from ideation to development, to support. We aim to simplify project management and keep contracts within costs and deadlines.

Vast Experience

Our automation experts in NC have considerable experience in various manufacturing domains. From aerospace, utilities, medical devices, and high precision electronics, just to name a few. You can count on our team for custom solutions that fulfill your requirements.


We have earned a reputation for delivering excellent industrial automation solutions in NC. And we are also able to handle a variety of domains. Our expert teams have in-depth knowledge of industrial PLCs. And the best part is that we can implement all this without being too disruptive.

Customized Solutions

Because we have a huge client base, their requirements understandably vary. Every one of our clients has unique problems that require equally unique solutions. Our process is highly inclusive, and our skilled team can deliver tailored solutions for your business.

We Support All Kinds of Industries

At IAS NC, we have a lot of different client niches that we deal with. It has made us masters in many applications like producing motors, medical devices, and gear reducers. We can accommodate a wide range of customer requests.

Core Value

Something that we hold very dear to us at IAS NC is our core values. We always put the customer first, which has helped us build fruitful relationships with most of our clientele. We are always looking to improve on our ability to serve you better.

Unparalleled Support

We pride in our ability to offer solutions when you are looking to revamp your production pipeline. As a client, you have access to our extensive support, which can help you with your automation problems.

Our Dedication and Focus

As an automation business, it’s really important to be a customer-centric operation at all times. We are completely focused and dedicated to being the best industrial automation services provider you’ve had.

If you are looking for a team with extensive knowledge in Siemens Automation, in NC, then get in touch with us to know more.