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The market has evolved significantly with changing standards and requirements. It has brought about the development of better manufacturing methods through industrial automation.

Automation is responsible for single-handedly changing the manufacturing landscape. It has made products cheaper and accessible to the public. And because it has stringent standards, the improved average quality of deliverables as well.

More brands are moving towards industrial automation. On the other hand, people who haven’t yet recognized its advantages are dwindling in number. While industrial automation was prohibitively expensive earlier, it has a much lower cost of entry today.

IAS, NC, is one of the many industrial automation brands that deliver automation solutions to a wide range of customers. We are an official Automation partner for Rockwell in NC.


There are distinct advantages to choosing IAS for your business. Even over more established brands like Rockwell Automation or Siemens automation. Big brands are less likely to cater to specific demands except under certain circumstances. With us, you get a more flexible pipeline for your automation needs.

Local Access

As a local business, we have much easier access to our customers. You don’t have to be routed through 10 different automated phone messages to reach us. We assure you that a person from our team is always available to help you out with Rockwell Automation in NC.

Priority Service

With most of these big automation brands, a new customer feels like they have no priority. When you choose us, we make sure that you are being heard. We keep our client communication lines open and transparent. It means a much better experience for everyone involved.

Industrial automation has become a necessity to remain competitive in the industry. More industries are moving to automation as they give them a much better ROI and are much less troublesome. There are several other benefits that it offers for manufacturers. Collectively, these advantages mean a more impactful and profitable production pipeline.

As your industrial automation partner in North Carolina, IAS can help your business. We can deliver better revenue and productivity for your brand. And most importantly, you would get peace of mind. Get in touch with us to know more about Rockwell Automation in NC. We can make sure that you will get the support you need!

Importance and Benefits of Industrial Automation

As needs grow in modern society, so does the requirement for better production methods. It has necessitated industrial automation strategies. This technology can deliver enhanced productivity at a much better price point. It can also considerably reduce the error rate that is common with traditional production lines.

Here, the primary task for the workers would be to monitor and operate the machinery. It considerably lowers production costs, which means more profits for the business. Smart manufacturing methods can streamline productivity. It ensures that there are fewer bottlenecks in the pipeline.

Let’s take a look in more detail about the advantages of industrial automation for manufacturing businesses:


Simply said, any business needs to have as high a return of investment as possible to keep them sustainable. And the fact is that industrial automation can deliver just that. Apart from the initial costs, automation is low on maintenance. Running costs are much cheaper compared to traditional manufacturing methods. It means better ROI and profitability for businesses using it.

Helps to be competitive

Most of the top manufacturing businesses use industrial automation. They produce far more products with comparatively less investment. With advanced industrial manufacturing, you get shorter production cycles and fewer workers. And it also offers much better scalability options.

Reduces Mistakes

One of the more pressing concerns when it comes to people is fatigue. Tiredness can most often lead to errors. These mistakes can sometimes even be fatal. With industrial automation, you completely remove fatigue as a consequence. Error rates are reduced significantly with automation solutions.

Enhanced Efficiency

The more efficient a process is, the more competitive a company is in the market. But when people are involved, there are variations and inconsistencies. Automation eliminates all of these problems through processes that are as close to perfect as possible.

It is Smarter and Faster

There is a significant and growing demand for the highest quality products in the market today. And this demand can only be met with advanced automation models. Industrial automation now has IoT and other advanced features designed to make them smarter and more efficient.

Quality products and services

A characteristic aspect of industrial automation is that the deliverables are of high quality. And this level of quality can be consistently achieved. Automated manufacturing processes today have really low error rates. It easily surpasses the quality standards of production lines that use people.

A characteristic aspect of industrial automation is that the deliverables are of high quality. And this level of quality can be consistently achieved.

Powerful Operations

Since businesses are pushing for their products to be as hands-off as possible, automation is a viable alternative. Opting for people to monitor and adjust values can lead to errors, not to mention hazardous working conditions for the operator. Having effective automation solutions can help solve this problem.

Improves Productivity and Profits

As a business owner, you are looking for the highest quality manufacturing with increased performance. Industrial automation is the answer to this. It offers you considerable scope for reducing operating costs while improving quality at the same time.


Something key for businesses in these times is the ability to be adaptable. It can be difficult when there is a lot of manpower involved. Industrial automation is much more flexible and can work in several environments that are too taxing for humans.

High Security

Industrial automation can provide higher safety standards than traditional marketing methods—especially when dealing with toxic or hazardous materials. Using people here might not be viable or even possible in a few cases.

Greater accuracy of information

When it comes to manufacturing, the more information a business has, the better decisions it can take. Manual data collection is going to be tedious and sometimes inaccurate. Automation can help gather accurate data from various sensors in real-time.

Cost Savings

Manufacturers are always looking to cut costs and streamline their processes for improved revenue. It is a difficult task with a manual production line. Automation ensures there is scope for streamlining and cutting costs.


Automation can give the manufacturing process much more consistent deliverables. Another highlight is fewer lapses in quality. Machines can also work for much longer than their human counterparts, which means better profitability.

Enhanced Human Capacity

Industrial automation machinery can exceed every capability of a real person at a given task. They work faster, are more accurate, do not have fatigue, and are more resistant to external conditions. It makes them a far better prospect for businesses.

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