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Process Control

IAS possesses extensive experience with all major Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) currently available in the market. Whether a new application, legacy upgrade/migration or current expansion, we tailor solutions specifically to meet your manufacturing and processing requirements. Our proficiency in process automation extends across various manufacturing industries.

The systems, technologies, and associated data within a facility represent significant leverage points for enhancing quality, productivity and profitability. When meticulously designed and engineered, process automation solutions present opportunities to elevate production rates, enhance yields, and minimize energy consumption, thereby maximizing operational efficiency and profitability.


Manufacturers and Platforms Supported

  • Rockwell Automation¬† PlantPax
  • Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk Batch & SE
  • Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk Optix
  • Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk Historian
  • Rockwell Automation PanelView & RsView
  • Rockwell Automation Studio 5000
  • Rockwell Automation AssetCentre
  • Application Code Manager (ACM)
  • ThinManager
  • Siemens PCS7
  • Wonderware ArchestrA

Process Areas & Technologies

  • Design & implementation services
  • Batch automation
  • OEM skid integration
  • Greenfield and brownfield expansions
  • Data collection
  • Reporting
  • Weigh & dispense
  • Electronic batch records
  • OEE
  • Environmental monitoring systems
  • Upstream processing
  • Downstream processing
  • Formulation
  • Fill/Finish
  • Packaging & assembly
  • Critical utilities
  • Environmental control systems
  • Shared services systems