Tire & Rubber

Tire & Rubber manufacturing plants face challenges with ever-changing technology, customer expectations, and safety regulations coupled with customer demands for lower cost.  It can seem that Tire & Rubber companies face uphill battles on multiple fronts.  With over 15 years of successful automation projects in the tire and rubber industry, IAS can be a trusted source for solutions to the challenges that are being faced.

Ever-Changing Technology- Our approach includes deployment of our experienced staff to properly evaluate your automation project.  Our goal during this evaluation stage is to understand the scope, develop an architecture, determine cost, and understand payback.  Once you partner with IAS, we can integrate your solution from start to finish. 

Meeting Customer Expectations - IAS has implemented automation solutions in every aspect of a tire and rubber manufacturing plant.  From mixing systems to final finish and inspections, our engineering staff can bring practical experience to your automation projects.

Customer Demand- IAS will work with you to design a complete solution tailored to your needs – a solution that can help reduce cost, improved quality, reduce downtime, and minimize risk.  IAS can bring real-world expertise in project management, execution, technologies, and standards for the tire & rubber industry.  From design and build to test and implementation, we can help you.