Food and Beverage

One of the most complex industries in the market, Food & Beverage continues to evolve quickly.  From broader regulations to supply chain logistics, IAS has been helping our clients meet their demands.

We have helped our clients meet increased challenges and gain better control of the factory floor through the integration of multiple controls platforms and information systems.  

One of the most important issues facing F&B is information and its integrity.  Making sure information is accurate, fast and tracked is an industry standard.  We have successfully delivered solutions which address enabled systems that provide connectivity and controls for all levels of operations.  

Also, as a source for engineering support, IAS can work with you to identify issues, perform evaluations and provide proven forward-thinking solutions.  We work with the latest technologies and as an independent System Integrator; we are experienced with your manufacturing specifications.

Our successful F&B clients are also building infrastructures to help them better identify how they are consuming energy.  This approach, although not new, is being performed better with engineered integration of hardware controls & software.

So whether you are in need of optimization of your batch process, visibility of your supply chain or material handling energy improvements, IAS can help you.