About Us

Industrial Automated Systems (IAS) is an independent systems integrator, specializing in all aspects of Control System Integration. We have an extensive track record of success designing and building control systems for a variety of automation and information applications. Every product we deliver provides value above and beyond thanks to real-world simulation testing, comprehensive documentation, and responsive field support services.

Our History

We opened our doors for business in January of 2001 after working in the automation industry for 12 years. We set up shop in our home state of North Carolina so we could deliver the highest level of personal service right here in our own back yard. It allows us to give face-to-face consultation and hands-on support, maintenance and repairs with a dedication you can only get from a local provider.

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience ready to work for you. As a result, with IAS you don’t just get a product – you get a trusted and dedicated automation partner for the duration of your business.

Our Vision

Our vision was to deliver a quality control system to customers that was designed and built to last. With that in mind, we have always strived to design and build our systems with an eye towards the plant maintenance staff that would be responsible to keep the systems running after installation.

As industries evolve, IAS is prepared to evolve as well to meet the demands. That is what drives our relentless purist of innovation and perfection. We are constantly tracking and developing expertise for the latest breakthroughs in technology so we can keep our customers at the forefront of automation solutions to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing costs.

Our Commitment

IAS is an organization committed to developing long-term relationships with our clients. We deliver tremendous value to a project in all the critical areas of technology, budgeting, scheduling, project management, engineering, and quality control. We see ourselves as strategic partners to our customers, and spend the energy to understand your business as well as their project needs.

Our Dedication to Quality

Our extensive experience has taught us that to maintain quality control in a fast paced environment, a quality program consisting of a complete set of Standard Operating Procedures must be developed for every phase of a control system project.

With SOP’s dictating the method and review of a project, our clients are consistently assured the highest quality. Formal on-going training programs in current industry specifications and technology are a primary factor for our staff maintaining its high level of expertise.

Key Considerations

We understand the critical challenges confronting industries, including costs, time-to-market and regulatory compliance. Our turn-key solutions are designed to address these critical challenges:


IAS can streamline automation solutions for your manufacturing and packaging processes to allow you to get results with reduced investments in material and personnel. Implementation of paperless production data, process control, work allocation, and plant-wide availability of data contribute to significant overall cost reductions.


Improved machine utilization, automatic material flow control (MFC), container and lot management such as Serialization / Track & Trace, and detailed downtime analysis provide a significant increase in productivity and efficiency, and therefore reduce time-to-market.

Regulatory Compliance

We can help you understand the complexity of increased regulation demands and implement a sound automation system that provides documentation.